Bear sits on the bottom of my totem pole, on top of that is everything that I am

We all possess memories of other times we have lived here.  They are encoded within us in the ways that we behave.. like clothing that we wear, they are a sacred part of us..

The other I was dancing in the memory of how my name was changed to Destiny …

our lives are a series of books live them well
Two winter back, the Bear took me into the Dream Lodge to sit in council with the Ancients who determine my steps in the year to come, as he does every year.  When he took me into the Cave there were glow worms all over the wall.  As I would walk past them they would activate, begin to glow and I would hear them whisper, “destiny” over and over again as I walked down the hallway to the opening that was the room where the Ancients were.
Ancients Destiny Dream
When Bear escorts me into the room, the Ancients have already gathered and they instantly begin reviewing my life.  They are showing me how everything that happened lead to the next step, that lead to the next step.  And each step was leading me here to the step I was in now with my Kundalini spinning and the Earth saying this was what she needed to do..  And my Twin Flame journey, it too was part of the passage that I needed to be with for the completing of the mission.
They showed me how the Kundalini journey and the Twin Rainbow Flames were like the energy of the 2 snakes spinning up the spine and how the 2 must be balanced the masculine and the feminine and the love between the energies had been and were being purified within me and reflecting out to my Twin Flame I had come into the place of a Higher Love.
It was all like this great dance, and every step had been leading me to this place of knowing this Higher Love.
heart bliss
With this (Spring has now arrived) and Bear reappears and tells me it is time to follow him back out of the cave.
And just as we are about to enter the hallway that leads out of the cave, I still hear the Ancients whispering, so I turned to them that I may curtsey before them before I leave.  And they say to me,  “You have now arrived at your destiny”
“We will now call you Destiny”


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