Kundalini, Twin Rainbow Flames and finding Nirvana

After I wrote my last piece a new friend came back and responded that while she found the piece interesting she didn’t really understand it.

4 books now have I written on line in the Indian Way, free to read and use as medicine if needed..  This last one here, it too has potential to be good medicine for those who are in need of it.  For others it has the power to set them free.  But I still have to find the right words to tie it all together, to, as it were, make the magic happen.

I am not a person who follows Eastern philosophy, but sometimes it seems that I must borrow their words to explain where I am at on my journey.

My Kundalini journey and my Rainbow Twin Flame journey are tied together.  As if in marriage they are bound, so as I was sharing the Kundalini, I was also sharing the Rainbow Twin Flame story..

In the Kundalini journey the Great Snake of pure energy was activated in my heart in 2010, then slipping between my legs it moved up my spine purifying my thought processes, purifying my ability to love in a new way.

Once it got higher than my heart chakra it took on a new form.  I found, when passing through my throat chakra I could no longer speak in the same manner..  and then upon arrival through my crown chakra I achieved Nirvana (and I don’t really know what Nirvana is, but I achieved total and complete peace in Twin Flame journey, which could be likened to the 2 snakes of pure energy that were winding around my spine..

I am in a time of reflection, back upon the journey I just took, so I think I shall be sharing that now as I try to find expression for this higher love that has engulfed me..

Maybe no one will understand me..  or maybe just the right person will…

I just keep thinking, “I believe I have found Nirvana”

kundalini running through me

I have found complete peace between the 2 snakes, as if each one represents a different part of the journey.

There are so many memories associated within this 5 year journey to Nirvana (I wish I had the Indian word of my people that translates to Nirvana) to this place of Great Peace filling my soul with my

Twin Rainbow Flames.

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