Double Rainbow Twin Flames… a journey worth taking


I have found absolute resolution on my Twin Flame journey

In the last few months peace has transcended

and it all makes complete sense..

From the beginning, since the first vision

driving home that day and seeing double

Rainbow Twin Flames,

I have wrote out the long journey

danced in the double Twin Flames

and been confused by it.

Over the past few months

I have come into a state of grace with it.

with this new form of love that entrails me

and wraps me gently in its knowing..

And now that I have arrived in this sacred space

of this love

this freedom

this knowing..

I think I should write a book

…  soon my grandbabies will be moving into their own place and I shall have more time to write..  I think this is a story worth sharing..  my mind is traveling towards the writing of this book …  there is a lot of mystery around Twin Flames…  I think the ending of the book will surprise.. and delight.. and set some people free,

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