the Dance of Change

I look at this fog and see beauty..  and I see that a great change has come over me..  years ago I could see no value in the fog.  It was an inconvenience upon my path and I would drearily trudge along through while missing the beauty of the suns light..

Then I had a dream that lead me down a new path..  sometimes we can have dreams and it is only later that we realize that pivotal moment changed everything..  that dream it was that dream that brought me to a new way of seeing..

In the dream I found myself..  and found that we are the people who live inside the clouds..  We are conscious people walking around having whole stories outside the ‘human’ timeline..  Sometimes we descend down upon the Earth to take a walk about amongst the ‘humans’….  some of them are able to see us … so we talk to them..  sometimes we incarnate into a human body…

So here I stand, in this place now, and when the fog descends..  I dance..


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