The purification within the Kundalini journey

This Kundalini / and / Twin Flame journey is going wonderfully..  One second (last year) I was up to my heart chakra and then it seemed I moved to my crown chakra..

Remembering when I had the big release through my heart chakra, it was crown 2intense like that and what I could see when it was happening was a huge galaxy on the top of my head accompanied by a big headache..

It was a little freaky, as suddenly I could hear the sound of a thousand crystal beings all talking at once, and I became extremely sensitive to all sound. I had to throw myself in bed and sleep..

This journey is a purification process.  I am not the same person I was when I began this journey.  I can see so much difference now.  I used to be very jealous (not insanely jealous, mind you, but I had jealousy issues)  And I used to feel a need to control.  If I talked to a guy it was for one purpose, to get from point A to point B and have some kind of mating with him, so unless I was looking for some release I would not make friends with a guy.

There is much purification that takes place within the Kundalini journey..  to me when the spinning is going on I can see something that looks like a universe within me and it could be compared to something that looks like in the area of the sacred V, there  is a black hole spinning whose power is so strong that it is pulling the impurities out of me and transforming them into something else..

I remember one time a beautiful little galaxy had been spinning off to the side of my tummy.. and then one day I just watched as it got sucked down the heart chakra 3black whole..  but it was with that one that I realized that I had come into a purification process in the Kundalini..

After that it moved up into my heart chakra and that was a multi dimensional experience, with first the out pouring of my heart like a beam of light..  and then, sometime later, I experienced it as a lotus light flower upon my heart..  Then an intense huge bubble of energy pushed its way out my heart chakra purifying love within me.  After that love felt very different than it had before..  This love is pure, as it was in the beginning without jealousy, without fear, without resentment, just pure love.

Then my crown Chakra opened and released.  And in there I found another new journey begin its unfolding.  There was a guy who was following me and in his following I noticed that we shared an Egyptian connection, so in the Indian way I asked him for a friendship dance..

It is hard to describe how different this new love is going forward.  This is the first time I have made a friendship without an expectation, or based upon the end result of finding a mating partner or throw them in the trash when the expectation was not met.


This is a new love.  And it is an energy that goes forward.  With anyone from my past I do not seem to need to make the new love, just learn and explore this path in the new form.


I have this new friend and he offers his medicine which I accept.  In the beginning when he said he was offering his medicine I had this whole dilemma with it.  I am a girl on a mission, giving my all to my mission..  his offering meant that I would have to accept something back, which I am not used to and, frank fully, I had no idea how to a gracious receiver..


So I went to the Earth and asked her how to receive this medicine.  She reminded me that I am the mouth of a River on the new world we are creating, my whole song pours out of me.. and creates a river in the future…


She showed me a picture of a man standing in river making an offering, reminding me of a journey I once took to a River named Ouachita..  In that journey I merged with the River and he sang me a song about mountain who he used to run strong beneath her. He had told me how the hu mans had made explosions upon her body and had made cave in, how now his water ran less strong beneath her body and how bad she was missing him.  He bid me to take stones from his body and go lay them in the places where his waters used to spring up out of her..

So I did, and after that the water began speaking to me..

She said I was to express my gratitude for his medicine by being like the living stream of water running beside him…






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