Twin Flames and Kundalini, our story

update: .. This story has become so beyond anything I know how to express that I have been quiet for a long time as I have been watching it unfold.  I still do not have the words to express what happened that changed the direction of this thing we call love after it was purified by the Kundalini.

The sharing of this journey, I feel is important as there will be others who will find expression because I took the time to record it.  Even though I haven’t the words to make this expression I wanted to share this week with my Twin Flame in a letter I wrote to him”

lakota bike

3 times recently you showed up in my dream, where I live..  It was in the third one that memories came cascading all around me..  In that one you showed up and went into the garage, hopped on your Harley and went for a ride..  I could see you, as if we were sky people, the trail you blazed before you turned around and came back to the garage…
after that our song began to cascade….  you sang to me:
One soul forever by Lakota
and it opened memories…  I remembered a dream back in the early 90’s that ended with me becoming a Winged One..  I received new tags for my car, and in the envelope there were pictures of me through time indicating someone was watching me through time…  Then I was out in the woods (struggling with the memories of my divorce) when I heard a motorcycle starting up in the distance and began traveling towards me…  I was afraid (of love then) and threw myself and my memories into the ditch.. and as you are riding towards me I see you are an Indian with long hair blowing in the wind and smiling so happy to see me..
but I am tore up from the divorce and frightened that you will kill me (break my heart).. 
then comes to me an Ancient Tree Spirit I had once hugged and she tells me I am interpreting my dream and life all wrong.  She tells me that I am here on my Cha Chee Too Wah, which is my Rite of Passage.  Then she shows me the road ahead how it will lead me to the place that feels like Home..
Then I turn and I am on my bed cleaning an Indian figurine…  The more I clean her, the more pliable she becomes until humbly she is down on her hands and knees in humbleness.  Then I hear a crackling and snapping as her DNA seems to be rearranging itself,, then Pop! and Wings emerge from her back and she begins to rise..
Creating a new way of love by Lakota
Then you are singing to me how we are creating a new way of love and I begin thinking “Oh my love, you are burning like a comet about to spread its seed” and suddenly I am taken to the memory of the comet dream
merging with a comet…..”Later, I arrive at another dream.  We are astronauts and are getting ready to go on a mission.  When I come into the dream we are taking our places in the space pod, the 4 of us, like in the dream before.  Now I realize that they are not really his parents, but our comrades.  (perhaps what would be expressed as our higher selves traveling with us as companions would..  They go every where with us.)

We seem to be strapped in for take off, but right after that I kind of break free and am floating around inside the space pod, bumping into him so that he too becomes not held so tight within the space pod..

I am feeling very happy as I float around, touching softly against him, loosening him so that he is not so attached to the pod.  I have this feeling of eternal love and joy inside of me, this feeling that even if I was to become separate from the pod and fly off to some distant land to make the new happening I was sent to create (as I feel like I am a seed pod) …  I have this feeling of joy inside of me that where ever I end up. Where ever I plant my seed is the exact place I am supposed to be…  Now I am flying free inside the space pod..  and he is watching me… Softly I bump into him and watch our spark…

I have been dreaming you for so long my Love.. 
Isn’t it just amazing that we can live on different continents, undergo births into little tiny human baby forms, loose all of our memories..  and still find each other? 
Love, Destiny
I have not yet found the picture of what I saw inside the dream  of us as a galaxy from when you hopped on your motor cycle and went for a ride…  I love you.. and I love our story…

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