following dreams that repeat themselves

There is this dream I know I have been following since the 80’s.  The first time I found myself at this house it was like a mansion and the attic, which had like a whole double wide stair case leading up to it, had been closed off, and since I had found the house abandoned I had gone up to explore the attic.

It had an unusual design, as if a long abandoned apartment had been built up there that was now dusty and in need of cleaning and it was full of antiques as if the people had just left.

Not all the doors would open, so at the top of the stairs I turned right and followed it to the end where it turned left into a really cool family room looking space with dust covered antique furniture.  As I passed through the room I saw a doorway turning left that obviously led into someones apartment, but I couldn’t go all the way in there, just far enough to see the room was their main living room.. eventually I was able to find the kitchen that went to the attic apartment over there too..

Over the years I have found myself in this same dusty attic many times, trying to see what more I could see of the apartment on the other side, findings its bedrooms.  They too were full of antiques..

Yesterday morning in my dream I found myself there again and went up to the attic.  This time when I entered the doorway I was able to turn to the left and found myself passing through a kitchen which had a room delightfully large enough to be a bedroom..  At the moment I was thinking about how delightful the space looked I reach out and opened a doorway (that would never open before and found myself staring into a second kitchen.  And this was the kitchen I had found before in another of the dreams of the apartment in the attic..

I woke up thinking, “Wow it has 2 kitchens”

…..  I have been following this dream since the 80’s and have not gotten to the end of it yet  …….

Interestingly there was another dream house I followed in the 80’s.  In this one it was like school or something.  Every time I would find myself there it would be time to travel down the forested path that lead to the river, but in the beginning when I would enter the forest everything would go blank until I would wake up as I came back out of the forest.

BastFinally in the dream I was able to see the school building that I was living in, could see my room..

Finally it came time for me to graduate.  So they shaved off the front of my hair (my bangs) and egyptian-womentattooed a golden sun rising on my forehead.

Still dream after dream I would find myself there until at last I was able to see that when I cut through the forest path down to the river, in the river, that was the place where we taught the children..

On my final dream, I was in my dorm room when an old friend showed up and said that it was time to go to the graduation ceremonies… so I picked up my mirror, looked in the mirror, saw that my bangs had grown back and realized that I was Egyptian..


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