Memories from before TIME..

We are gods and goddesses… here to experience more than we experienced before.. When we were in our spirit bodies, there was no such emotion known as love. we were a collective that all worked as One. Individual like we are here, and yet telepathically we were all connected, One could say, I am going over here to see this friend, and swim through the great sea until they made it there.. on their journey could see many others, could pass their spirit bodies on, one through another, feel every nuance (but now become attached like we do in this 3 d world and believe we much hold them forever in marriage, or as our children..) No, it was like we would be on our journey somewhere, pass through another, feel every nuance and travel on.. perhaps to some degree their touch on our spirit would linger on inside us for a time… perhaps these would be the ones we thought of as ‘friends’

And since there was no time who knows how long, in human terms, is would be when one would sleep over with a friend…

As it is here, so it was there, it all translates, but what we call hate is really not hate. It is 2 energies that do not blend well together, so when they touch a combustion happens and they explode away from each other with no lingering hatred carrying on just do they move away from each other…


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