“out of Time journeys” ~Native spirituality with the Thunder People

Sometimes my ability to see through time leaves me wondering if anyone understands what I am talking about, or if these out of time pictures are just touching memories we share..

One of my “out of Time journeys” began in 2004 with a dream in which I traveled for 2-26,000 year periods singing a creation song about a place of peace in order to make an exchange with one of the sons of a Thunderbird..

In the beginning of the dream I didn’t understand the dream, but as time stretched out and I merged more and more with the Earth, following her every instruction I was lead to a place where something happened to me with the Thunder People and when I asked her why I was feeling what I was feeling, she pointed back to the dream and said it was because I was a cloud who had made an exchange with the Thunder People and that where I was at now was all a part of that continuing story.. and why I could hear them talking to me..

At the I was writing it all out in poetry…  and eventually I was taken to a place where I was shown that from that exchange (beside being a part of the cross patch clothing we dress the Earth in (with that emotion becoming a Mountain who had a River running beneath her) 7 Little Thunder Children were born to me.  There were 3 shy girls who danced in my billowing skirt and 3 boys and 1 girl, all bold with their lightning bolts and dancing behind me as I walked. 

So I continued on my journey through the passage of Time and found some 7 years later, hearing someone at the back door and when I ran to see what spirits had shown up, I opened the door to find the 3 daughters who played shyly in my billowing skirt greeting me and telling me that I was their mom..  

Behind them came the raging storm, it blew through our town with a fury and as I went out to chase them I saw my other 4 children following behind me, just like in my dream from 2004..

I have grown so much on my journey, watching these story lines and they play before me outside of time.  What I have witnessed has made me stronger in my belief that the gods and goddesses have descended down upon the Earth again to write the next part of the story..

What I remember is that our Goddess Mother who agreed to take her body into the Earth so that we could touch each other in a land that was solid, it was we who clothed her in mountains and rivers and land scapes… and I, Misty Mountain who made the exchange with Slowing Rolling Thunder River Love Song became a mountain (range) that had river that run beneath her…

Just now, I looked at this picture and wondered where on the Goddess Mother Earths body my 7 children manifested as the clothes we clothed her with..

three daughters in my billowing skirt


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