Places we frequent in our dreams

one thing about the dream world that I have noticed is that we will travel to the same places over and over.  Apparently I have more than one place I think of as Home..  as a home I go to.. somewhat like vacation houses Isun room suppose..  IN the  home I was living in when I awoke in the dream this morning, I have been there many times over the years.  the first time I found myself there I was standing out back looking at the steps going up to the sun room.  They were in need of repair, as was the screen on the sun room.
Over the years I went there many times, repair the stairs, the door, the screen and made the sun room back into a sun room.
From the front of the house, a long driveway in and then it sloops down, which is why the sun room, from the back seems to be on the second floor..  back in the back was a garden and a fire circle..  I have been there many times.  It is one of the houses I travel to in my dreams..  Last night I had company there…
There was another house I traveled to many times in my dream journeys..  after finding myself there for many years, I graduated and they shaved off my bangs and tattooed a golden Sun symbol on my forehead.  Later in another dream we were going to Ceremony and when I picked up a mirror I saw that I was Egyptian…
I have other houses that I travel to with consistency..  I am certain others do too…

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