Conscious Creators

As we move into the space of this next circle around the central suns sometimes it feels difficult not to get caught up in the drama of the old world and to remember that at every moment we should be singing forward the new song for the next circle.. I know as a creator how important it is to sing forward the new song with a constant vibration .. even though I can feel myself still in the struggle, so to speak, of releasing the old… for example I ran across a picture with some words about how when the people were making a one world religion they would capture groups of people, one at a time, find their sacred holidays and insert their own on top of it, that way they could pacify a generation of people and at the same time project out into the world they were creating this one world order of Christianity because they knew eventually after a generation or 2 no one would really uphold what once was…


As we create the next circle around the central suns it is easy to get lost in the looking back game with some Image27bitterness, and creating more bad things happening from that perspective… but as creators it is a fact that where we place our intentions, attentions is what we will be creating… tis the nature of the game in this world of solid that is of our design..

Now that time as come upon us, a new age has arrived, and not only a new age but we have come to the time of the next great circle around the Central Suns.  Eons and eons ago we decided we mystical-mermaidwanted to make a journey into a world that was solid, so as gods and goddesses, spirit beings we could touch each other and interact in a new way.

That circle is now drawing to a close.  We, in this dense form are still creators and it is time to sing the next circle into being.  We do that by putting our focus on to what we want to next create, and then take the leaps of faith, do the work, continue to sing the songs, keep the energy moving until at last we arrive at the place of our song..

tipi village

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  1. Yes.. across oceans the message is heard and I too do recognize the importance of the song and the dance along the stepping-stone-pathways… And just now I turned my head, looking outside and there was this beautiful white Butterfly dancing around the spring-leaves of the maple-tree……
    Hugs ♥

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