Extraterrestrials come my way ~dream

Woke up inside a dream.  One of the guys I remember he was saying how when a certain Extraterrestrial person would come he would show up on his horse and then when he was leaving on his horse he would transform it into another animal.. It was like a signature way of recognizing him.


So when I woke up inside the dream Bridgett and I were asleep in bed when I hear my German Sheppard/part wolf Samson begin to bark.  My first thought was, Samson is beginning to bark to announce the arrival of someone.  Within a few minutes he barked again and I thought, whoever it is is getting closer..  then he barked again, each time a little louder, and I was thinking he was saying they are almost here now, I I decided I had best get up and get dressed before they arrived.


I got dressed and went out into the livingroom and the dream house transformed into a house I once lived in where I saw Extraterrestrials beaming down on a ray of light under cover of clouds down at the barn.  So I was in the livingroom watching for the arrival of someone when a knock comes to the back door.  There was another guy in the house and he and some others went to the back door, opened it and began talking in an unknown language so I could tell that they knew each other.


I thought, “well I should go see who it it.”  and when I got to where I could see I saw that there were 5 people standing outside the door.  The tallest one was doing the talking.  He had a painted face, like a stripe going across he eyes and there were other symbols painted on his face too.  He had a curly wig on and it seemed that he had disguised himself to blend in by taking on the appearance of a clown.  And as if 3 of them were from the same species they all 3 were looking like clowns in their appearance.  and the other seemed to be another species that I could not recognize.  They were much shorter.


As the conversation between the man and the Extraterrestrials began to wind down the 2 that were different they took it as their cue, got on their horses and began to gallop down towards the barn where the beam of light carries them..


Then the other 3, as if signaling that they were from a different direction (species) they get on their horse, gallop up a hill, jump a fence and kind of lift off the ground as they head in the direction of the barn.  At the last minute there came like a flash of light that had a noise with it, and when I looked over I saw the horse transform into an elephant…  So I took it as my sign that this had been the one I had already been told about..


…..  Later in the dream I was outside when I saw a lovely lady poke her head out the barn door so I went down to investigate.  She was little, like only 4 feet tall, and in appearance it was as if she had been clothed in a see through human skin but underneath she was like a rainbow type of liquid.  she had gloves on her hands as if she would be vulnerable to picking up germs, but she hugged me with deligh when she saw me and then began walking through the garage.  She was so delighted with out world touching everything..  I remember as she was sliding her hand along the wall, she touched a rake and it just sort of fell over as if she did not have a concept that her movements had consequences..  she was quite lovely, fascinated with everything, touching it all.. then I awoke

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