Kundalini `is up to my shoulders now

dream and deep space -kundalini 4 today up to shoulders

Here is a representation of what my Kundalini looked like this morning..  It is not completely accurate because one has to understand that the Kundalini is about being plugged into the Earth at the base of your spine and basically it is a shower of energy coming straight up the spine.. looking very much like stars like that but it is an energy that comes straight up the body…  The Kundalini is very consistent about spinning at the same time each day..  I love the early morning ones in the 5:00 hour as one of the best because in a state of laying in the bed all tucked and cozy beneath my blankets it is a very loving and sensual feel..

I began my full Kundalini Awakening in June of 2010, and almost 4 years now into the journey I noted this morning that the energy is up to my shoulders…..

I go through this alone and learn as I go.. most of them are beautiful to the feeling of being divine, but sometimes a person can experience a blow out of the energy…  this week I think I experienced a blow out in the top of my head area that kind of gave me a headache..  I find ice is very helpful for any location where one is experiencing a blow out and it also seems like it is required for that extra boost always make the kundalini have the ability to rise higher..

so before this morning my Kundalini  had been consistently rising to my heart and spinning like a many lotus flower all across my chest… but this morning (since the blow out this week) I observed that my kundalini was up to my shoulders and felt like it now cloaked me like a dress….  very lovely…

delacee and rick

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  1. …and what a beautiful dress this is! I feel such a great love spinning from you…like stardust sprinkling over the earth ********* **********

    • thank you… my grandbabies move in with me tomorrow.. I wanted to make one last picture as we transition… I probably wont have too much time to write and do this kind of art until I have my own room again…. so this was perfect…. and the cougar because I have seen the cougar here the last few days so I wanted to honor him… hugggggs

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