Kundalini and a Higher Love


Sometimes it would feel like the Kundalini was burning through me and sometimes the feeling was of the Kundalini coming in through my base chakra and spinning, which in turn would activate another energy center upon my body and as if Time was standing still I would watch a second galaxy within my being spinning.  Every so often as I was watching a second galaxy spinning within my being, I would feel like this movement, this pull and then watch as the galaxy would be pulled down a black hole.


In time I came to recognize that these moments were for the transmutation of energy, that parts of my self that were no longer serving my higher good were being ‘shed’ so to speak so that my Kundalini could rise higher and higher until at last it arrived in my heart center and began to command of me that I release my old concepts of what love is and accept into my personality essence a higher form of love..

clouddancerCougar spirit mountain lion 

So I have been sharing my journey of 10 years with Rick here in my blog. He has been both the Cougar and the Dark One and  Rick is the Indian who turned and sang to the Thunderbeing June 17, 2010 and upon seeing that my heart chakra opened wide and my Kundalini began its sacred journey of spinning me into ecstasy while burning a purification through me..

Navajo Trail of Tears 

My journey with Rick was always kind of a rough tumultuous journey.  In the earlier years I would complain to him that he was like a bull in my china shop and when I would get mad at him I would just disappear for at least 3 months to a year.  It would take that long for my rage to calm down before I would wander on back to him (because, for one thing, when we were getting along we were best phone buddies, talking for hours, sharing our visions always endeared me to him,) so even though I would leave him in anger I would always wander back into his camp and feel him wrap his astral arms around me again until I would get mad and explode away from him again while he would yell at me how this came from our Trail of Tears and complaining, “You are leaving me again just like you did on the Trail of Tears.”


We traveled for many years in a love/hate relationship..  Even through my Kundalini journey it remained tumultuous for reasons that are hard to express.. like we are opposites, he believes in demons and evil.. and I don’t so it would be pretty consistent the times we would clash with each other and I would spiral away from him for a time.


The Kundalini calls us to a higher love.  It is not a speedy journey, this 3 years it spent purifying my lower regions, opening the energy field within me until at last it had burned all the way up to my heart chakra and called me into this feeling of unconditional love..


Yesterday morning when Rick and I were talking on the phone we had this moment of clash which in the past would more likely been an exit point with me storming one direction and him another..  I became very passionate, like a storm blowing a hard wind, unrelenting until he just kind of shut the door and said “I am going inside”


It was amazing because it was not anger that I felt but pure passion..  In the place where we love we are like 2 spirits in one tree, skin on skin and in the place where we clash we are like a porcupine flaring its needles to ward off a meat eating predator..  It is the natural order that the porcupine, once no longer feeling threatened by the meat eating predator, the porcupine continues foraging its way through the forest like nothing happened.  It does not hold bad feelings against the meat eating animal whose path crossed its path..


A short time later Rich approached me from a different direction and was telling me that I had gotten angry with him and attacked him. but I told him it was not anger, it was passion….  and then we journeyed to our rights to be different expressions within the same world..  until at last again we were snuggly close in our affections again.


This is a higher love that I am now expressing from this Kundalini journey.  I just discovered I have no desire to leave him again because of the place where we clashed… 

I see a higher love is coming through me in this Kundalini journey…


((((..  and I still have my throat chakra, my third eye and crown chakra for the Kundalini to journey through in the years ahead…))))

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