This Kundalini journey

kundalini flows through me


This is a very good representation of how how this Kundalini feels flowing through me..  The immense part of the Kundalini Awakening began on June 17, 2010 when a Native friend turned and sang a song to the Thunderbeings..  Then opened my heart chakra wide and love flowed out and poured into him..  After that it settled between my legs and began to work itself up, burning through me in sweet ecstacy (most of the time) activating my chakras as it would come to them, making them to spin like galaxies in the heavens that would dance with others.  Sometimes as I would watch a whole galaxy would be sucked down a black hole that would open up .. emotional baggage that would no longer serve me in this would be sent into another world to be transformed into something wonderful.. and after  three years of this spinning burning through me I am just now to my heart chakra..  It has the feeling of being this light that is plugged into the Earth coming up through my center, all the way up to my heart chakra now, with its natural course being that one day all of my chakras will have been cleansed and open..  and the way that it feels looks exactly like the light of this picture only it happens in whatever position I am in, like clockwork daily..  laying in the bed awakening to its spinnings can make me feel skin on skin, tummy to tummy Love moving through me..  or sitting at the computer, typing…  or watching TV while this love spins and burns through me in sheer delight most of the time..vibrating higher all working towards the day.. when a girl can love a Thunderbeing and he can love her

3 Responses

  1. I believe you are blessed,sister of the Wolf Clan, and by sharing your Kundalini Journey I feel we are also blessed. Thank you….♥

  2. Thanks Wolfdrum…. ahhhhhhhwwwwwhhhhhooooooo…… do you know they are saying there is going to be a full moon on Valentines Day… Happy Day of Love sister of the Wolf Clan… ahhhhhhwwwwwwhhhhhoooooooo…. love to you

    • Hey, hey, sister wolf
      Hey, hey, heya ♥

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