the Bear and the Honey Comb dream

duct tape and honeycomb
Wow what a dream. I was dreaming that I was the forest when we came upon a bear. He was lumbering along and went straight to a hollowed out tree that was laying on the ground. then he proceeded to reach into the tree and pull a naked man, who happened to be sleeping there, out. The bear put his whole mouth over the mans head (I was freaking out a little in the dream) but the man was fighting him and put his sharp knife into the bears mouth stung the inside of it so that the bear then dropped the man to the ground where he continued to defend himself.

then a strange thing happened, as if by some magical force it looked like the bear was being drug off by his tail.. and I was left pondering that fact that I had just seen the honeycomb inside the hollow tree as a man…


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