Kundalini update ~relationship effects on continued rising

I have to wonder what effect relationships play upon our Kundalini. Now that my Kundalini has risen to my heart charkra it calls me to a higher love.

It was a week and a half ago that a thing happened for which I normally would take it as my cue to turn my energy somewhere else when I heard Rick say, “you are doing it again. I feel you leaving me and I don’t want you to go now that I just got you back.”

At first I thought I turned my energy back towards him, but in reality I continued moving my energy away from him.. 2 other things after that rubbed against me poorly and then I got to last weekend and I came down sick.. and still he wanted to dance and play and ignore the fact that I was saying I am sick.. and so.. well I can be a bit like a cat who will let you go so far but then too far is too far and then the cat just reaches out and claws ya… so it was like that.. and ultimately I hurt his feelings… so after the 5th day of just not feeling in my spirit that I wanted to speak with him I wrote the piece I wrote yesterday and somehow in writing the piece I began to reflect on what it feels like to have his spirit sleep with me… and the energy began to turn…

and then I was over at FB seeing what he was reflecting on his page and he had this picture up… rather convincing and it touched softly so I replied, “Rather convincing” Then I went and PS’d my writing from yesterday.. thinking of how it feels when he lays with me.

Then I went to work and before l began to feel a stirring in my heart chakra.. It was a very pretty opening heart chakra night-light flower gardenrunning the fill width of my chest and had the appearance of many flowers spinning with lights shining and pouring out of them..

Later he came on and replied to my “rather convincing” comment, “Yes its from a verse i wrote some two years ago to a lightworker name Celeste LOL” .. so no wonder my heart felt soft over the picture he put of.. since he wrote that for me when and Ancient Merlins were calling me Celeste…

This Kundalini journey, and all of it happenings, I have to wonder if the Kundalini in my heart chakra spinning like it did yesterday is because I achieved a higher love…

3 Responses

  1. I am not entirely sure why, but something told me that you needed this song today.
    Hugs, sister, and get well soon and your spirit dancing,

  2. thanks sister… you were definitely picking up on something… It worked itself out and came out ok, but … sometimes having a Schizophrenic for a daughter in law can leave you fretting when they disappear.. all is well now.. everyone has been located…. thanks and big hugs.. I think about you on your journey too….

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