I was given a clean piece of paper and told to paint my next journey

I gotta love like you won’t believe…  Rick has been googoo eyes over me since we met on the Manataka forum in 2004..  I have fought against him trying to ensure that he was not going to break my heart, so to speak (now that I think of it)…  I walked away from him so many times, and every time I went back he would open his arms and take me back..  Sometimes he would be mad at me when I would reappear and I would just have stand there until he finished venting…  and then the next thing you know he would be holding me softly in his astral arms..cradled in your arms

He is a seer too…  One morning I was feeling light as a cloud laying next to him and he noticed and said, “Ohh you have become a cloud, I am going to have to lift you up and move you over so I can get up…  I did this picture of what I felt like laying next to him…

I dance for youAnd another morning when I called him he was like, ” I dreamed I saw you dancing with the Thunder Beings.. and knew it was you…  so I made this pic.. even though what I saw was more like me dancing with them in the Grand Canyon…

I have been moving his energy to my Destiny name..  Yesterday morning he called me Destiny dela`Cee…

It has been a strange journey, all these years with Rick, me leaving, me coming back, him with stars dancing in his eyes, always taking me back…  I finally realized, “He is never going to break my heart” and have given my love to him..    

…here is the song I gave him…

and here is the song he gave me

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  1. Ah……I love it! Wonderful energy here…mmm

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