The Dream Portal.. its uses and functions

The dream world is a portal.  It is what we use, for example, if you came here from another planet on a mission to the Earth, then one of the passages the Elder Council can use to ensure a successful mission is to enter through your dream portal and guide you.  Entering into a human body to preform a mission can prove to be a difficult task because we have to enter through the human birth canal and loose our memories.  When we loose our memories we also loose the knowledge of what we came to do.  There are many who came here from other worlds to assist the Earth as she/he/the 2 who walk as One have chose to ascend back up to a higher vibration.  So the dream portal is used to guide us in the right directions so that we can perform the mission we volunteered for..  In our Indian prophecies it speaks of traveling back to the Happy Hunting Grounds.  There are many from other worlds who volunteered to come assist at this time, to raise the vibration that will enable the Happy Hunting Grounds to remanifest anew..  The Dream world portal is used to help keep us on track where the Councils can come visit us and guide us through the next stages, point us where to go next etc.  That is one of the uses for the Dream world.

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