Stone people dreaming me ~a seed pod dream

I am on the same quest I have been on since I was 12 when I received the instructions that I was to merge with the Earth in all ways.

Somehow we have come into a journey through caves, to looking through the eyes of the Stone People.  They speak to me through my dreams..seed pod dream 1

Yesterday some more came to live with me, and they instantly began talking to me through a series of dreams that lasted all night…  I was dreaming I was at home, inside the cave, Which I knew I was inside the cave because when I came to the 2 cave entrances I took the one on the left.  All was going as expected when all of a sudden a man on his chariot comes flying through and we all scatter away from him..

Then I find myself in another dream that is action packed an involves a man who is running.  Suddenly he jumps upon his chariot and races away from us.  I follow him as he is kind of blazing a trail when he comes to the edge of the cave.  It has a feel that is equivalent to when we believed that the world was flat and if you went to the edge you would just fall off.  He shot out the cave hole and the only thing to catch him was the clouds he was passing through…  But wait!  He is traveling forward with such strength and such gusto that he makes it to the other side, which I discover is the seed pod dream 2entrance to my cave, to the one I entered into in the first dream.. and this time when he pushed through, riding on his chariot I am in a space down below, and looking up I recognize I already dreamed this…. and that I was being shown where he came from how he came to be in our world..

Later, I found myself in another dream, seemed this one must have been a crystal cluster dream.  There was this guy and he seemed rather attracted to me.  Kept hanging really close and it seemed he was convinced that it was our destiny to be held together in an intimate way.

I was feeling rather shy about it in the beginning.  Then when I finally consented to our being held together in an intimate way I gave him a green card that signaled I would be with him in an intimate way.  Our houses were next door to each other so he took me into his house, to the place where the silver metal (lithium?) ran beneath the water.  It was picture perfect and clean.

Suddenly there was a noise outside.  He disappeared, to go do something and I found myself back in my room that was now adjoining his room.  Then his parents walk through the door and sense I have been there.  So they come over to my door and come into my space as I am standing in the place where the silver metal runs beneath the water.. I tell them that him and I have joined together, but I am thinking, “You live with your parents?”  ….   LOL   ….

Later, I arrive at another dream.  We are astronauts and are getting ready to go on a mission.  When I come into the dream we are taking our places in the space pod, the 4 of us, like in the dream before.  Now I realize that they are not really his parents, but our comrades.  (perhaps what would be expressed as our higher selves traveling with us as companions would..  They go every where with us.)

We seem to be strapped in for take off, but right after that I kind of break free and am floating around inside the space pod, bumping into him so that he too becomes not held so tight within the space pod..

I am feeling very happy as I float around, touching softly against him, loosening him so that he is not so attached to the pod.  I have this feeling of eternal love and joy inside of me, this feeling that even if I was to become separate from the pod and fly off to some distant land to make the new happening I was sent to create (as I feel like I am a seed pod) …  I have this feeling of joy inside of me that where ever I end up. Where ever I plant my seed is the exact place I am supposed to be…  Now I am flying free inside the space pod..  and he is watching me… Softly I bump into him and watch our spark…

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  1. […] comet dream in full I have been dreaming you for so long my Love..  Isn’t it just amazing that we can live on different continents, undergo births into little tiny human baby forms, loose all of our memories..  and still find each other?  Love, Destiny I have not yet found the picture of what I saw inside the dream  of us as a galaxy from when you hopped on your motor cycle and went for a ride…  I love you.. and I love our story… […]

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