Kundalini update ~dance of love

Kundalini feeling so yummilicious

This morning my Kundalini was so pretty..  I love the morning Kundalini experiences, when I am awakened from my sleep to feel as though a river of light and love is flowing through me, touching me as if love has found me and holding me and caressing me..  and making love..  This mornings Kundalini was so pretty, I felt  love was so close, beside me, inside me, I am having a hard time finding the words to say how it felt outside of my body with me pressing up against it, tummy to tummy, skin on skin, like love was holding me close…  It was so pretty and lasted for a very long time, and then in sweet contentment I feel back asleep feeling like love was right there beside me, inside me, holding me so tenderly making me feel so yummylicious…

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