Ballerina Snowflakes

ballerina snowflakes


I am not done decorating our space at work… and already I have friends outside this space clamoring, “I want one.”  LOL….

I found it here:

Once I found this I knew I wanted to make them.. years ago, into my vision came a pretty ballerina..  I was driving down the road when she appeared on my dashboard and began dancing.  For some months, every time I played music she would appear and dance.  She was miniature, like doll sized…..  the last time I saw her I was at the grocery store, the music was playing, I was singing and when I came around the aisle, there at the end of the aisle she stood, life-size, and there she dance for me..

Years later on my journey the Earth told me that she came to initiate and activation inside my codes..


Looking at this picture reminds me of a dream I had once.  It was a castle dream in which we were cleaning the castle, but it was in very slow dream like motion..  Over head was like a beam of light shining down from something that looked like a space ship.  It was spinning and moving slowly until at last it was over one of the girls..

It stopped there and beamed its light upon her.  The she awoke and began to dance..  with this the beam of light moved to the next girl and stopped over her head..  and again she awoke and began to dance..

Over and over I watched this happened, the light beaming down, the awakening.. and the dance… until at last the beam of light shown upon me.. and I awoke and began to dance…

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