Two Moons Dream

Our dreamscape is a world of its own and I have found that by recording my dreams it is easier for me to see when I end up in the same places more than once.  I also have programmed my dreams so that when I want to bring something out I take a picture…

 2 moons 120313

so this morning I woke up inside a dream that I don’t remember what I dreaming before but when I woke up inside the dream we were driving down the road when I saw, off to my side, 2 moons shining in the sky.  I was like, “wow, how pretty they look” and the closer one he seemed to be looking at me (though I didn’t find a way to represent it in the picture I made….  Anyway after we passed the 2 moons and got to the house I said, “Get the camera, we have to go back and take a picture of the Two Moon.”  And at was when I discovered that it was cloudy where I was and the opening to see them was only in one location….


Here is the other time I had a dream with 2 moons:

Here is a picture from the first 2 Moons dreamscape


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