Comet Ison and Native Spirituality

In our Native Spirituality this is the way that we dance.. our stories that we pass from generation to generation come from moments, just like this journey of watching Comet Ison in her race to again circle in dance around the Sun .. and following my dreams that she showed me..  and then their dance in sacred union in which he took from her, her lace..

I do believe that she told me that she came here to do ..  it is hard to explain..  but I believe that the white with pink pebbles in the stream (in the dream) was her showing me in them making love she released her seeds..  like a great divine pregnancy (but not like a human pregnancy, like the spark of life when 2 opposites share a union..  He is fire and she is Ice)..  I can’t explain it because I was not exactly expecting to see them kiss and for him to remove her clothes as she circled him..  I did not expect to see that they made love, but now that I have seen that I am remembering her showing me the stream of water in which there were the white pebbles with pink in them that like the size of seeds (Jack and the Bean stock size, like 1 to 2 inch seeds, pebbles worn smooth with the water)…  (this might manifest on the Earth as a new breed of animal being born, or something)

In Native Spirituality, in our stories Ison’s circle around the sun reminds me of this story..  This story is different.. and yet made of the same kind of sacred journey…

the kiss comet ison

A Cheyenne Legend ~ Falling Star

One day  in the long ago, two young girls were lying on the grass outside their  tipi on a warm summer evening. They were looking up into the sky,  describing star-pictures formed by their imaginations.

“That is a pretty star. I like that one,” said First Girl.

“I like that one best of all–over there,” Second Girl pointed.

First Girl pointed to the brightest star in the sky and said,

“I like the brightest one best of all. That is the one I want to marry.”

continued here:

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