Kundalini ~sacred dance to my heart

The Kundalini dances so softly up my spin

coming in at the base with a feel of the divine

many mystical whispy snakes

of blues and greens

dancing in harmony encircling my spine.

I can see like a vortex of energy

that they are circling around

in their magical dance

so softly and gently

coming up inside of me

and dancing its way

up to my heart…

Heart Kundalini up the spine example 3

Oh this Heart Kundalini has moved to a new level.  I do not even have a boyfriend as I am laying there when the new dance inside me begins…  I was trying to find pictures before I wrote it out to try to show what I am talking about..  The Serpent Kundalini, at this point, is a lovely blue and green, and gently he comes in and winds his way up my spine, no pushing hard the path has already been prepared and opened and alls I feel is this beautiful dance that comes up between my legs and twisting and winding becomes the light beam that travels sacred to my heart where comes the gentle spinning..  and what is more amazing is the fact that I can feel every nuance of the Blue and Green Kundalini Serpents skin, the movement of its dance so sacred..

in my tummy

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