Chasing Comet Ison, in search of the Oort Cloud

chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 00This research came because in the beginning I had read that Comet Ison came from the Oort Cloud…

So what they are saying is, our Sun is at the Center with the surrounding planets and Asteroid Belt somewhat in the middle of the planet.

 chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 01

Beyond that all the way out at the edge of our circle of planets is the Kuiper Belt.  My research says that this belt is stable and consistent in its movement and is in the area Pluto, which it turns out, is the largest object in the Kuiper Belt.  (why they called Pluto a planet once upon a time as it was large enough to be observed)

chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 02

And way out beyond that, at the farthest regions of our Suns ability to hold something in place with a gravitational influence is the place they are calling the Oort Cloud. (No one has seen the Oort Cloud as of yet, so much of what is said is speculation.  What is known is that some of chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 03the comets come directly from the Oort Cloud and it is possible others pass through the Oort Cloud in their journey…  It is said that the gravitational pull of the sun pulls the Comet (which is a large chunk of ice) towards it  and then the gravitational circle grabs hold of it and slings it back out into space if it does not all melt within the circle of the heat of the sun… which is why they believe the Comet is not going to hit Earth but instead circle around the Sun..

So in my research they say that sometimes they know the Comet come from the Oort Cloud and some, I guess they say travels through the Oort Cloud…

(((  and here is a picture I found of our location in the Milky way Galaxy from National Geographic )))


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