Comet Ison ~sprinking us with fairy dust

I love this guy (so much of what he says are things the Earth has already told me, not this what I am sharing but the part of the Asteroid belt having life forms on in it..  Part of my Kundalini journey was when the Earth was telling me that she needed me to make this Kundalini journey, right when it was reaching the ‘frinzy of feeling like I was being touched by multiple lovers’ she said, “We are now going to pass through the Asteroid Belt..  and that was when I entered into the time when it felt like I was being touched by multiple lovers passing through my sacred V, some male some female.. I love hearing the Group talk about the life forms that are in the Asteroid Belt..  because when the Earth called that part of our Kundalini Journey passing through the Asteroid Belt I thought for sure we were passing through the Astral Belt, where all the Astral travelers go..  so with the Groups words I feel, “yes, there are life forms living in the Asteroid Belt”  It is nice for me to see others who have seen that)…..

I found this information at: They are talking about Comet Ison..  and what it will do…  and again they speak of it as a living entity…  I love that…

He says the group says Comet Ison is carrying a tremendous amount of star seed material, that Comet Ison is coming here to sprinkle us with faiy dust, with star dust, the seeds of life and introduce new life forms onto Earth..

He says the group says these comets are coming in to bring in new life forms.  They say that much of science now agrees that life was planted here through comets, that they bring the needed amino acids to seed new life..

They says the seeds are in the dust trail .. that on Thanksgiving day, November 28th Comet Ison will be sprinkling us with Fairy Dust…..

I think I will be watching…  Here is a projected view I found of what it will look like:

project view as Comet Ison circles the sun

and O by the way 🙂

cherokee proud

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