Relationships… sharing


Gosh I can so relate to this…..



“Many sensitive spirits have had challenges with love relationships on planet Earth.  It’s not easy holding a mirror that close! Some have been successful in relationship but for whatever reason have found it ending.  Some have been greatly disillusioned and others have given up in frustration and quietly closed that emotional door. Many have been scarred rather deeply.

The good news is that there really is someone for everyone.  In fact the group is very clear that there are multiple opportunities for each of us. The problems are that they don’t always show up on our schedule and we rarely recognize them when they do.

Since stepping into the new world we have seen more people ready to try again.  This is why we have designed this event as a powerful push in the right direction for those ready to find someone to share their lives with.

This is not a relationship course.

This 4 day experience is designed to give you:

1. The confidence to step into a physical and emotional relationship that you can build from that point forward.

2. The magnetic attraction to draw in a real match.

3. A fuller understanding of your own needs and the confidence to fulfill them.

4  The activations to open the door and enhance your sensual, sexual self.

5.  The confidence to be who you are.”

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