Heart Chakra ~update

I found this on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/jeff.andrews.562?hc_location=stream

Kindulini is the hindu work for sacred transformative energy“Kundalini is the Hindu word for the “sacred transformative energy that awakens consciousness,” “the coiled,” or the “Serpent power”, In India, there are thousands of books in Sanskrit and other regional languages of the country, dealing with this holy subject. Kundalini has also been known for thousands of years among occultists, hermeticists, alchemists and esoteric mystery cults throughout Europe. Many cultures across the world revere the snake as holy with demonstrative healing powers, thus aptly named “The Serpent Power”.

The Kundalini is the Primal Life Force for all Creation that is “stored” and latent at the base of the spine. We are born naturally with this energy in which it awaits activation in later years. The aspirations for many who do chakra meditations along with yoga traditions is to clear the energy centres to allow the Universal Energy of the Kundalini to flow naturally and unhindered. The energy moves upward from the root chak…ra along the spinal column to the crown. It then showers up and out within the auric layers in an ovular field and cycles back to the body – the process continues like a huge circuit. It is the foundation and basis in the Cosmic Consciousness that produces various degrees of enlightenment.
For the most part, the Kundalini is a result of mental/spiritual progression as in working on the chakras and the body through meditation, prayers, bodywork, breath work or various yoga or sexual practices. The power points are worked with, cleansed and healed. For what good is the Kundalini if the energy is blocked and cannot move upward? Sometimes emotional traumas (death of someone, near death experience) and physical traumas (childbirth, menopause, accidents) may shock the body to allow the Kundalini to be opened. In some people, the Kundalini force can awaken spontaneously for no apparent reason other than it’s spiritually time to do so. Spontaneous Kundalini activation seems to increasing in frequency as well. Perhaps this is due to an overall global transformation toward enlightenment. The awareness of the Kundalini is a spiritual step in transforming human consciousness, an emergence to our natural state of Being One with the cosmos. The mystical mind is forever changed by the Kundalini awakening.~”
This video, I could really feel it in my heart chakra
It seems to me that now that the Kundalini Serpent is up to my heart the energy changed…  I still have my times of spinning that happen like clockwork at the same times daily.. however it seems that they travel to my heart chakra very gently and just move the energy for a few seconds.. It seems that when the large heart chakra movements take place they are too intense and kind of life shattering..  It is hard to explain, like the blow outs in in the lower chakra..  they are like that only different because the heart ones (blow outs) are highly emotional….    the energy is different…    and there are chakras above this one…..

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