activating the space ship codes dream

It is the Labradorite that I placed on a shelf over my head that seems to be 102713 labadorite 2guiding my dreams of space ships…  It is also the Labradorite that I saw when I received the instructions to place a piece of Labradorite at all 4 corners of my bed and sleep within the portal that would create..

sleeping-dragonIn my dream this morning it seemed like I was in the house where the Sleeping Dragon lays in my garden.  Off out in the field behind the house is where I was taken to and shown a round spaceship.  I could not see all of it as part if it was obscured from my view.  I was taken inside, but can barely remember what I saw as far as how the panels were laid out or anything like that.

Then we were back in the house and a man was talking to me across the table when he said,  “here, let me give the codes.”  then he takes out 2 pieces of paper when he lays down very specifically as if to indicate which codes go to which panels.. the codes looked something like this… but that is all I can remember as I did not want to wake up and write out the codes right then.. and then I fell back asleep..  It is interesting because I fell asleep holding a piece of Labradorite next to my heart..


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