Crystal dreams me

There is a place I travel to in my dreams with some frequency, enough that I am able to recognize the place, and for long enough now that I have come to recognize it as the home of the Crystal people.


This morning I woke up in a dream in which we were traveling in that regionlabadorite dreams looking for our ‘Home’  (I am sleeping with many crystals now that I like to place on shelves so that they are above my body as I sleep, plus I still have the ones over my head  (side note:  this one told me to get 4 of it and place it under the 4 corners of my bed for a portal)  …. and I also view the crystals as people ….


So this morning we were driving around looking for ‘Home’ and while I don’t remember all of the dream, I remember finding one, an older one that felt familiar, and they were explaining to me how the newer generation was —-> that direction…   A little more time passed and I found myself in a room, and all’s I remember was someone was telling me something so I said, “Show me”  Then the person gets out a huge crystal, a little larger than a cantaloupe,  large enough they held it in the palm of 2 hands.  They sat it on a base and when they did, it activated and I was transported somewhere else, to some place that felt and looked futuristic and like another planet…

crystal dreams 102513

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  1. …to be continued, I hope?

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