Mind bends and the restoration of faith

Today has been most remarkable…  I spent almost the whole day weeping inside my spirit because last night an angel was sent to remind me about faith, about making prayers and traveling forward in faith…

There is something about this Kundalini/twin rainbow flame journey that has bent in such a strange way that after she got done talking to me about prayer and faith that this morning I realized that in the great mind bend I had lost my faith.

My son wanting to move his family up here and us to live together in a house where one of my requirements would be I would need to have my own apartment with kitchen in it..  and him pressing me to move the energy to get it done..

and after all this mind bend, this morning I realized that I had lost my faith and I had no idea how to get from point a to point b.  I was frozen, having come through a mind bend to find my familiar concepts had been removed.  I had no safety harness to hold on to and I was floating inside a great darkness with no idea of where I would end up or where I was supposed to go to next.

And more than that I had no faith to sustain me.  I just felt so lost like I had no idea what was going to come along and sweep me away into a place I did not even know if I would feel like I belonged…  So I pretty much spent the whole day weeping over the loss I have experienced over this mind bend and recognizing that I was no longer in possession of faith.. I was lost without my familiar to hold onto.. just lost with no idea how to get from point A to point B.. … and praying, “Please open the path before me where I can touch the Earth again and if I need to cry I can go to the trees and weep to them and open the path so that I can lay down on the Earth and feel her again.”


destinySo when I got off work there was this beautiful lady that always talk to me (I think she likes my ‘look’)  She hopped on the elevator with me so I was telling her I was leaving to go see my grandkids and how my son was wanting to move his family here and for us to live together in the country.  I was telling her how “ideally’ the house would have a separate apartment that I would live in so I could ‘get on my groove in my own way’..

She starts asking me how far I was willing to travel.. and the next you know she is telling me that her mom lives in a double wide 3 bedroom trailer with a basement that has an apartment in the basement with its own kitchen, how she used to live there and her mom had lived in the basement with them in her own apartment with her own kitchen (and there is a swimming pool)  And how now her mom was wanting to move in with her again and they would be wanting to sell the place…  so she is going to check with her mom and see if we can buy the house with the separate apartment in the basement.. with the swimming pool.. and the barn on 10 acres… …  35 minutes from work…

I see a day






fire circle



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  1. Wonderful!! You may have thought that you lost your faith, but that was just a another test of how strong it is. The very moment you confided in that lady your faith asserted itself again.
    Now we’ll trust in the highest possible outcome!
    I love you!

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