Honoring the passage through sorrow

Woman in the Rain


Wave after wave

of sorrow rippling through

So strong in the beginning

then subsiding

until at last

a couple of weeks will pass

without remembering

how deep the sorrow feels

inside of me.

Was it a dream this morning

that caused the sorrow

to again seek its expression?

This feeling of hopelessness

sweeping over me

engulfing me

in a way that would lead

again to tears falling.

Sometimes I think

if not for these

Grand babies

playing inside my heart space

I would just very much

like to go home now.

Count it a day

for too much sorrow

has come my way.

22 years of thinking

one day Love would find me


and wrap his arms around me

and hold me

and walk with me


down this broken road

with our thoughts


on how we

will save the Earth.

But at last no.

Love sweeps in

and sweeps out again

leaving me passing


wave after wave

of sorrow

and just when I think

it is all but gone

it sweeps in

and over


wave after wave

2 Responses

  1. Like the tides, dear sister, like the tides will these waves of sorrow carry you to the far and undiscovered shores
    of Love.


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