Chasing Comet Ison

Leo in my sky 100913

I am chasing Comet Ison as he coming and will be circling around our sun somewhere finding leo virgo from the big dipperaround Christmas this year.  In my research I have found that he is now in Leo near Regulas and on his way to Virgo.  However I have only known the Great Runner (Orion) in my sky along with the Pleiades, the Bulls eye and the Dippers so I am having to research just exactly where Leo is in my sky.

I have this neat application on my phone Google Sky that is helping me to know where I should be looking.  This morning I awoke 2AM and chased Leo down..  He was to my east and below my horizon..  At 4 AM I tracked him down again..  He is not so easy for me to recognize as I would think..  but I walk with determination to know where Ison is traveling to…  I am going to share it here… the journey

Here is a picture similar to what they are hoping he will look like as he circles around our sun…  I find the majesty of the thought of the comets path to be a mind enhancement..  the passage of traveling 47,000 miles an hour and has been on its journey towards us that we know of since last year….

So I’m gonna watch for it…  this is the first time I have chased a Comet….  Here is a picture of what they are hoping it will look like when it circles our sun around Christmas this year…

possibilities  of comet Ison

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  1. i cannot wait to see it. I read he might be destroyed by the sun. any predictions?

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