Lakota, my First Love

The Lakota Indians have my first love since I again touched my Indian blood and the Ancestors told that I was Indian and that was why they were walking with me..


It was a long journey, longer than this story will tell after the year I was sent to SacredMountain during the time of 8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony to make my prayer known.  My prayer was for the heart of the Indian Nation..  at the age of 15 I had seen through the sun rising upon the new world and knew that we were headed for the promised time of peace, and my prayer was for the awakening of the other ones like me within the Indian Nations to usher in the new way of walking to the new world that we were to create..  I prayed for the restoration of the sacred walk of the Indian Nations, that the world would see that when they held they hands up to the sky that this was prayer.


After that I was sent into a group of the people from the same SacredMountain, and because of a series of events in which I was simply following the instructions of Spirit I was given an esteemed position.  Within the Forum they gave me 2 forum to call  my own.  One was called Lightworkers, and the other was called Maureen’s New Age Spirituality.


I was quite controversial and my words were frequently attacked, but the Earth who guides me she told me exactly what I needed to share so I did as she said..  and it was the Lakota began to dream me.  Honestly, I must have sounded like the crazy one, and as others were attacking me the first Lakota Indian he just stood there staring at me..


And the next thing I know I am standing in a circle.  He was the first Lakota who stepped brothersunforward and then I was just standing there staring into his heart.  It was so beautiful, like a galaxy spinning being held together in its song and all of the planets and stars within the galaxy sang each their song, and all of their songs went together.. He said he was known as ‘Skinny Hair’, that was what his name translated to.


Then I turned and a second Lakota Indian stepped up to me, and I looked into his heart and it too was beautiful.  He went by “Gray Eagle”


Then I turned and a third Lakota stepped up to me…  I looked into his heart and listened to his song and it was beautiful.  I could not understand his words but they painted pictures inside my mind of symbols etched into the horn.  He went by Buffalo Horn…


So Lakota became my first love..


The years passed, the forum disbanded..  I left and continued my journey singing my sacred song… and traveling on I came to a place known as Facebook which I stopped in there to play..


and with the passage of time, more and more Lakota Indians have friended me until at last came the Lakota ones who were singing the Lightworkers song and were opening up the path to the new way of walking…


All things Lakota am I        … honored …

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  1. How beautiful!

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