Expanding perceptions

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bi-locate and remain conscious in two places at the same time?  Sounds like science fiction but it’s not.  The groups says that we jump consciousness streams all the time, but rarely do we stay there for more than a fraction of a second.  Even thinking of a person in a distant location allows you to momentarily exist in both places at once.  The group says that if you are able to hold that dual consciousness stream long enough, your physical body will follow. The problem has always been holding that connection.  Even though we are multidimensional beings,  we tend to spend a lot of energy keeping our vibrational range within a narrow bandwidth that keeps our awareness limited to a single dimension.”
. . .

I have been doing something similar to this since I was 12 but doing it in different dimensions..  I had a vision when I was 12..  I looked into the face of a flower into another dimension and saw an Indian woman standing with her arms raised towards the setting sun.  She took me into her village and began the lesson by holding a seed in her hand which she tickled the Earth and put the seed in the soil..  A part of me had already split off, conscious of 2 worlds at once, conscious of the lessons of the Indian Woman, conscious of my walk upon the Earth….  At the end of looking into that alternate world she said to me simply, “The Laws of Nature are the Laws of God, if any man tells you different, they are wrong” …  It is why I do not have a concept for evil, only dis-ease..

I believe that all time is happening at once, that there are many dimensions all existing in layers, like the clouds exists in layers..  Another time, when my mothers father was laying on his death bed, in the moment I received the phone call, the dimensions split for me again and I began seeing into another dimension..  In this one the marauders (which may have possibly been Andromeda and the Milky Way passing through each other) .. the marauders amazing-space-wallpapers-2passed through our village and the surrounding villages, pillaging, raping our women, killing our men and children..

In our Way, forgiveness was not the same as it is on Earth.  In our way, when something happen that needs forgiveness we take our consciousness and go merge ourselves with the ‘offending’ party, become one with and in the moment we understand what it was that they perceived as a danger, for instance why a snake strikes.  Once we understand  what actions we had done that had caused the snake to bite then that was forgiveness..

So in this other dimension I had merged my consciousness with the one who had penetrated my being,  In the Indian way it had become a marriage, and now his time was coming to an end and as he was laying on his death bed I was staring at an old wound he had left upon my body when my mother, flew in on a beam of moon light (she was a Moon Goddess)  She came and said that it was time to do the Healing Remnants of Past Wounds Ceremony..  It was a Ceremony that lasted for 6 weeks, during which time a 3rd dimension opened up and I found myself staring into a place where I was pregnant and about to give birth to a new Earth.  A rift had formed between 2 sisters and as I am standing in the middle of the rift it looks huge.  I scream out in pain about the rift that is forming and the next thing I know my mother and grandmother are standing in front of me, between my legs peering down, when my grandmother exclaims, “Oh it is just a stretch mark.  And only a little tiny one.”  With that I see through their eyes that it is just a stretch mark.

The thing is there are many who have come into this time to write the calendar of the next circle around the Great Sun..  and to do that we have to see larger then this time/space we have been traveling in..  My Indian brothers and sisters we have come to the time of planting the seeds for the next great circle around the Central Sun..  We have a prophecy, “and in the end it was as it was in the beginning, and it was beautiful”

We also have prophecies of again traveling to the place of the Happy Hunting Grounds..  The


Earth tells me that in the new world, the new calendar, that there will be many dimensions, like layers of consciousness, that the Crystal Electronic people will exist in their own layer of consciousness.. and the Indigenous Earth Keepers will exist in their own layer of consciousness..

There are many who have come to write the new calendar for the next circle around the Great Central Sun (s)…  We are expanding perceptions, creating a new path to walk upon.

There are many who came to open the path…


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