Kundalini ~heart chakra

Kundalini Heart Charkra

((((  look another person who saw the flower of the Heart Chakra  ))))

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I am finding the Kundalini passage through the heart chakra to be most difficult.  Apparently I am not that good at ‘Love’… where as in the first 3 chakra’s I was pretty good because except for some painful moments, one of which lasted for 2 weeks, most of the time I felt the journey was filled with exotic ecstasy…   but this heart chakra I must be really awful at love to feel like I am enduring wave after wave of sorrow passing through me..

It  seems like yesterday I woke up with sorrow passing through my heart and it took me many hours until peace came back through and I felt happy again..  then another wave of sorrow overtakes me and I find myself again struggling to see the beauty..

I am finding the Heart Chakra most difficult..  I keep feeling like I am flunking the test, but the Earth she tells that energies of sorrow, of the ‘human’ broken concept of love are being released.. so that even though I spend much time here on the edge of tears she says I am still doing what I came to do..

There is a collective trapped energy of broken hearts upon her body and they are plugged into me so that I feel their sorrow as mine.. the hand with the engagement ring that had been cut off was mine…  and all the sorrow of all the broken hearts that the Earth feels I can handle and release are being passed through me..

I am finding the heart chakra to be really difficult, wave after wave of sorrow passing through me…

cavern entrance

We dreamed together that night, both at the same store I dreamed before.. He found the dismembered hand with the engagement ring, and wept.. after the store I found myself in a room in which a big prayer was being made for some woman who was in great distress.. the dream is fuzzy and I don’t remember where I wrote it down at… something about they were praying these beautiful prayers for her and I had gone to the back of the room where there was some kind of cupboard.. It was like magical and put a prayer song into me that I sang for the one with the broken heart…

He told me once that I was 2 people.. little did I know that I was the one with the broken heart they were praying for… and I was the one who opened the magic wardrobe doors and heard the prayer song I sang.. little did we know we were dreaming together what was going to happen next…

The Passage of the Kundalini through the Heart Chakra, I am finding it to come in waves of tears.. sometimes the tears do not fall, sometimes it is sorrow I feel passing through my heart… It is the broken heart of the Universe that passes through me..

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  1. I experienced a heart opening after going through the five stages of grief and loss from my past that is denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I think the depression stage was the hardest for me. Sending blessings of healing and love, Brooke

  2. “..even though I spend much time here on the edge of tears she (Earth) says I am still doing what I came to do..”
    Destiny, the other night in my sleep there was this voice, saying: “What happens to you at this moment, accept it graciously – thank you for helping us.”
    Sister, you are NOT alone on this journey!

    And there is something else you should know: “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain” (Kahlil Gibran)
    And that’s a promise!
    love you

    • hugs… thanks… It was a day of contemplation. It was good to me to see that the sorrow is passing through my heart chakra in waves.. and good that I remembered him and I dreaming this together before it happened.. I think it was our Higher Selves who praying for ‘me’ or the part of me that feels an engagement was cut off .. I found him very engaging.. Anyway it was a day of contemplation, and a part of me in search of the words to prayer song I sang… brought up a lot of memories.. like I was watching Into the West last night .. there was a part about a Lakota medicine man who had the gift of drawing people illness into himself so that they could be healed. I have known this medicine is mine since I was 17.. and have been in vision since the 4th grade.. In the movie they said it was well known that the visions can kill you… today, I understood what they meant because I have traveled there.. the other thing deep in my thoughts today was that these are the paths they (the ones who oversee my journey) give me to take so that I can penetrate the collective soul of an energy and passing my spirit through there instigates a change in consciousness.. so it makes sense that I would be sent to walk down this path and release a collective of broken hearts from the Earths body through my Kundalini Journey…. It is like today my eyes opened and I saw where I was standing, inside the collective energies of broken hearts and realized that I can look around now and see the way that sorrow pulses and passes through in waves…. I don’t think you were here in the beginning when my writings were focused on the lower chakras… I remember one of the energies that the Earth was using my body to release, in a dream I saw the energy as these guys I called the Splattering Brothers. They would throw mud on windows of vehicles and laugh. If they could break the windshield they got bonus points. Anyway when their energy was released through my Kundalini onto the new world we are creating they became waterfalls and were showing me how aware of me they were.. I have a container garden.. and they showed me how they honored me and made a container garden too next to the waterfalls.. We are the gods and goddesses who in came in this time to write the calendar for the next 26,000 circle.. this Kundalini Heart Chakra journey will have it own place in our next creation, though I have not yet dreamed what it will be… right now I am just inside the collective soul of this particular form of broken engagements realizing that it has a pulse… Love you sister… I feel it too.. our connection..

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