Kundalini and the Heart Charkra ~Serenity


Oh I have just had the most beautiful expression of the Kundalini in my heart chakra…  I have spent the morning researching Comet Ison, watching videos trying to pinpoint where I should be looking in the sky for his sacred flight..  There is a Native Creation story that when I read it, what I saw through time, when they said the Village gave him a wife to come home to each night from his day time journeys’…  I saw a Comet.. so I have been watching Comet Ison in his journey  to make his circle around the sun and continue on..

The other thing is, to me the Kundalini, in its multiple spinning places feels like the Universe,SAMSUNG and the places of the spinning feels like galaxies spinning my Universe…  I have a working picture to try to show my Universe as felt through the Kundalini in my human vessel.

Another part of it is that the Earth began this journey inside of me in July of 2010 with the opening of my heart chakra..  From there the Serpent awoke and began his journey up between my legs in sacred dance..  Then she sent in a goddess to tell me that the Earth was in charge of my Kundalini journey..  (versus a man on the astral plane was doing this to me, which since is such a sensual journey it is easy to believe that the Divine Serpent Kundalini is the man who lays with me.

Then the Earth told me that energies that had become trapped upon the Earth were being release through my Kundalini.. and the ones that I experienced the sacred O with, she showed me the conversion of their energy on the New Earth..  The Splattering Brothers became a Waterfall..  The robbers lookout point man who touched me so gently, who so beautifully came and told me that it was time for him to move on, he became a location in the mountains that would steal your heart still..

All of this Kundalini being release through the human vessel to lighten the load upon the Earths body so they (the 2 who walk as One) can ascend, as in the original plan we never intended that we would inhabit such dense bodies for forever..

All such a beautiful dance have I had in this Kundalini journey, of which after 3 years I have just made it to the Heart Chakra..

The last release through my heart chakra was pretty rough a few days ago.  I was sitting here watching a lovely pink sparkling galaxy spinning in my heart, when a big bubble of energy began to release through.  I had some moments of severely freaking out, but writing is my release and my sister (of the Sacred Mermaid Twin Sisters fame) assisted me by calling it some kind of psychic surgery that was being performed on me … and singing healing songs to me to help me through it

So now the one I just experience was so beautiful, coming up between my legs and traveling through space (that I could see was opened up to my Heart Chakra looking like a comet with tail…  so beautiful and touching me with grace and serenity…  a very very gentle feel…  he was … Wow!

It was so beautiful.. the kind of release one could write a love song to…..  I hope inside my dream he comes and shows me what his energy converts to…    this comet that felt like Serenity… such a gentle feel…

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