Inside the Amethyst dream ~numbers again

092313 inside the amethyst dream


been sleeping with a piece of Amethyst…  In my dream I remember something like molten lava, or some kind of rust colored place that had moisture.,


It seems like sleeping with the crystals takes me on an inner Earth journey..  I know at one point in the dream the person who symbolizes the crystals being wrapped in their blankets was there, and again the numbers in the dream..


10 -5 dollar bills were placed each in 2 drawers and when I opened one of the drawers 2 of the 5 dollar bills fell out onto another open drawer bur I could only find 1 of them and they fell out at separate times..


And as I was waking up from my dream my Android phone became an AM radio that was tuned to the station 7…. or it might have been 7.1.. and a song was playing but I don’t remember the song..


*** I am finding it interesting that when I was sleeping with the Calcite Crystal that I was being given numbers in those dreams too***

and from other dreams, from the series of dreams when I was being told that I came to Earth on my Cha Chee To Wah, my Rite of Passage, which led to being told that I am here on my Rite of Passage because I am scheduled to place merge my consciousness into a life supporting planet (we are already a life supporting planet but there are no humans there.  The human factor makes it very different because as we can see humans are capable of bringing a planet to destruction.)  These dreams of sleeping with the crystal people seem to be teaching me about the mathematics of the crystal people.. even though I do not, at this point understand the messages..

moving on




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