My life as a fairy tale ~this playground is my medicine

As Destiny lay in bed watching the soft flower petals spinning inside her heart she had to admit she was kind of having a hard time not closing it down.  Everything that was inside of her wanted to have a reaction to what she had witnessed, that always felt like his betrayal of her love.  Inside his pain he does not think to hold sacred the ground she walks upon so he does things backwards, tells her he likes her way by painting it upon someone else..

SAMSUNGThe Heart chakra of the Kundalini dance is more difficult then the others have been.  It is open and softly spinning and yet it feels vulnerable.. while she feels like a flower that wants to close up if touched improperly.

She is watching with fascination because the dance of the heart chakra is really pretty like a very lovely flower spinning softly and pulsing at the same time.  It is softly pink in color.

the mission of why she came here far outweighs any tears that may fall from her eyes as some part of her wants to react in the old way and close off the heart to him.  It is the only thing that is reminding her that she must sit here in a quietness and hold the journey to the opening of her heart chakra in a sacred manner.

Cheatah is with her now, and silent as Cheatah is, she speaks big words, communicates withpanther-desktop-1 her telepathically, and yet it is without words but with thought forms that flow through Destiny’s head telling her that this path that she is on is part of the sacred journey that is required for the passage through the heart chakra.

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