Kundalini and the Heart Chakra

1143_518920101471676_2011003890_nThis heart chakra one is really hard to get through..  I am being swept like a log on swift and treacherous currents of water.. only they are emotions that are coming up and out my heart chakra….  All former concepts of love are being swept away inside these tumultuous waters..

A part of me wants to make it stop, wishes a hundred thought how she wished it had never happened, wished she had never worn her heart on her sleeve, wished she had never let him touch it, wished she had let him go along in his misery a long time ago, wished she did not have to feel this..

Another part of me is calmly reminding me that I was told when it happened and as he was going away, I was told this was all apart of a larger plan that I had no control over and that had to take place for the larger happening to happen… and here I am cracking apart and they are birthing a different kind of love into me.

And I am on a mission and I cannot stop the mission just because he is lost to me, and I I don’t even know if it was just a fact that he was a player and he was just playing with my mind..  but all of that that  is part of the tears is small compared to the mission..

I cannot abort this mission just because everything that is coming out of my heart is connected to him..

I am here for the Earth.  The waters are being poisoned, the ocean has been made a dumping ground.. the trees are being cut down by the groves world wide..  mountain tops are being blown off,  wolves and dolphins and whale and bird are being killed, and the Earth needs to ascend, to rise above the chaos of wars on top of wars…

And it is for her that I came here, to raise my vibration  so I could assist in raising her/his vibration .. because in the denseness of this world there is too much pain and havoc being reaped upon their body…


I am finding the heart chakra to be very hard to get through…

the other ones were easy compared to this..  writing calms me down and brings me back to a sense of purpose..

kundalini-rising rexiz







4 Responses

  1. “And I am on a mission and I cannot stop the mission….. but all of that that is part of the tears is small compared to the mission.”

    You are not alone!!

    • I know, it is strange, the great feel to keep pushing forward.. writing is like my release (I see you doing that too, even though it is hard for me to translate), and it was because of my inability to translate yours that I began offering translations here on mine) (hehe) Happy Birthday Sister… My mind has been pushing so hard today that I did not get a chance to come and play with you.. actually I got there and the twin flame thing was staring me in the face again in the room, and that just propelled me into writing more and trying to release it.. It is weird I am trying to make certain I don’t damage my Kundalini, but some how in this great release I feel like Lakota was expelled out of me… so we just keep going forward… and with my Lakota Indian, Rick, something seems like it has changed there too with his spiderbites… sorry I missed playing with you more on your birthday…. love you.. gotta run to work now

      • When the Writing-Spirit is calling you, you have to comply with her! For your writing not only releases, it teaches you as well ..and is the bearer of transformation. It was you who wrote: by sharing we grow. With your writing you share, not just with others, even more so with your Self!

        It seems that you probably experienced some genuine energetic surgery of the heart, don’t worry to ‘damage’ your Kundalini…. you are looked after and a wound just needs time to heal. Listen, listen.. always remember… the medicine is in the time!

        We played alright..we danced in spirit and it made my birthday shine!
        Love you.

  2. Thank you for the calming music.. My Kundalini journey is led by the Earth.. I cannot exactly read eastern philosophy on what is happening to me because their words do not translate to what she tells me the purpose for which I am called to make this journey… but this morning it was like one moment I was sitting there watching the prettiest little pink dancer dancing in my heart chakra, and the next thing I know a big bubble of energy just starts pushing its way out.. I was not exactly knowing how to react to seeing this … and thinking, “I hope I don’t break it” The music gave me on your birthday is very calming and your words play with me while I am in still in your birthday, and you are in your bed in your tomorrow…. I love you …. and thank you

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