My Life as a Fairy Tale ~2 worlds on a course with their destiny

She was already trying to figure out how to keep the 2 worlds separate..  how to keep the dark one from touching her light and love world..

She had dipped her toe into his dark waters and it instantly absorbed into her skin.  Then she watched as a miner came into the room with his equipment.   She didn’t think he could see her, because she was spirit, and yet he went straight to her jewels and began prodding around.. like an alchemist coming into a room, grabbing the viles, and tossing them into a black hole until at last he seemed to think he had removed what needed to be removed to get to her jewels…

As this was happening there was a flicker on the roof of the cave that she glanced at and realized that she was now staring into her memories of Andromeda.  The Andromeda memories had been in her vision since she was young and she had been following them all along, watching through time how they developed and revealed themselves a little deeper to her with the passage of time…  Her first memory was introduced at the age of 12 was  finding herself on another world, in a place she called her meditation station.  Her husbands father was on the Counsel of Elders and he had slipped in on a ray of light to show her that contract she had written for her mission.  He came to tell her that it had been approved..  Then her husband slips in on a ray of light into the back of the room.. His presence always thrills her so she slipped softly back to be with him.

He was so excited, telling her that his contracted had been approved also, and he was showing her, with great excitement where their paths would meet up again as they were both going on the same mission.

After they had reconnected on planet Earth he had told her that they had come here from Andromeda, and had said that he believed the 2 had already crashed into and were already moving through each other.  And this had triggered one of her early memories, from her 20’s.. She had followed this vision since she was 12 and now it was unfolding through her Kundalini inside the galaxy known as Andromeda.


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