Andromeda memories

Andromeda and the Milky Way

I am passing through Andromeda memories now….  from a vision when I was in my 20’s…  My mother was a Moon Goddess.. I was a planet who supported life.. my Love, my husband was the Sun I revolved around, why I always see him as taller than I, a man I look up to, which I do even In these Earth bodies.. his father was from the Central Sun..

All Planets and Suns and Galaxies have consciousness and we all interchange our consciousness with the whole galaxy..  Being in the place of being a planet that supported life would be like my eye by which I looked out upon the world around me..  It was the place of my great affection to place my consciousness where the soft grasses grow across a windswept face.  It tickles and delights me to have my consciousness inside a planet that supports life.. Placing my consciousness there was like going to my meditation station.  It was my sacred space.

His father was from the Central Sun..  It is in this place that the Elders hold council, all of the Suns in the Central Sun make up what we know as the Elder Council..

The winds sweep through the Black Holes (the Caves from a galaxies point of view)  The Caves are the homes of Ancients.  The Ancients are the ones who ..  in the vision from my 20’s I called the Ancients the Merlins.  They stood on the edge of the universe staring out into night sky into the stars.  They would wait for one to sing to them, to send them a message.  And when they received a message a roar could be heard coming from the Cave (the Black Hole) as they would be determining what volunteers would be needed to go do the next work.

The Elder Council would listen to the Ancients, and they would put out a call to us, who are known as Members of the Family of Light..  we are like the renegades who go into places and break the rules of the consciousness  of the place..  We would make something new of something old…

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