inside the gemstone dream

I think I was inside one of the gemstones I am keeping over my head at night…  I was dreaming we were driving down the road and were stopped at a stop light.  I was looking at the sky when I saw 2 airplanes, way in the distance moving in an odd manner.. like following the lines upon this gemstone.. if 2 airplanes were following the edges of these colors, not in a straight line, it would look odd…

they kept moving closer and closer until at last one of them was overhead and he dropped, sprayed pink foamy stuff that was came down in blotches over us..

I woke up thinking, wow, what a odd dream…  and then, as if a part of me is still inside the cave on my adventure in My life as a Fairy tale.. I thought, Wow I think one of the crystal is dreaming with me….

091713 crystal dreams


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