Cherokee Morning Song

Walela is the Cherokee word for Hummingbird


Harvest Moon Sept 19, 2003

I remember my Harvest Moon.. 2004… All my life with Spirit Indians walking with me (which I could see them) .. asking them why? and they would say, “You are a great Warrior” … til at last full moon, Harvest Moon 2004, I hear their spirit drums beating and go out side to follow them, to find in the clouds dancing many Kokopelli.. dancing. One song they played for me inside their sacred dance.. and afterwards the Ancestors sat with me and told me of my Indian Blood on Harvest Moon… For me, I believe that Harvest Moon, for a Native American is equivalent the Christian sectors Sanctification.. which means to be made holy.. to made productive or conductive to spiritual blessing.. to entitle to reverence or respect…. Harvest Moon

Kokopelli and Harvest Moon

3 Responses

  1. What you say touches me in the heart, and it resonates with me in the sense of my personal ´rebirth´, which I happened to call `Harvest` in my own writings, precisely a year ago, unaware of the Harvest Moon. One can only graciously revere to such a spiritual blessing.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • ooooooooooo, thanks….. wow, you make me all sparkly eyed… it is a wonderful feeling… (and you are the first person since it happened to me who shared that it felt like that too, to them.. so appropriate Twin Sisters, of the Mermaid fame, would find they shared the same dance.. with the Harvest Moon… Love you

  2. I loved the video´s too!

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