My life as a Fairy Tale ~ 2 steps back and off to the side forward

The whirlwind playful wolf spirit lead her down the corridor out into a room with a large2 steps back and off to the side 01 opening that dipped down into open Earth.  Off to the side there was a narrow ledge that the playful wolf trotted across and by pressing her back against the wall she began to inch her way across the ledge.

As she did this she began thinking of her Twin Flame and all the times he had come into her dreams.  There was one dream that had been her mind lately.  It had been over 10 years since that dream, the time she had woke up to find them walking across the back porch holding hands..  She always called him, “The Indian who walks with me in my dreams”  And as they was walking across the back porch he did this little 2 steps back and off to the side forward movement and then just disappeared into another dimension..

So she just did the same thing and when she appeared in the other dimension.  In this dimension she found there were Unicorns and Fairies and ..  It was like she knew many of the people from the world before (when one could not see them, unicorns..) and they had made it safely to the next dimension too..

As she pondered this she thought about the journey of her soul mate over the past few months, where they were before holding hands walking together and where they are now..  and truly his movements have been the 2 steps back movement..

As she inched her way along the edge she began to wonder if this was where they were and now she was supposed to take the 2 steps back and off to the side forward again..

2 steps back and off to the side 02by this time she had arrived at a zig zag in the belly of the cave where the playful whirlwind wolf spirit  could be seen up ahead of her making his way through its narrow passageway that seemed as though it would close in on top of her and engulf her being if she was not careful as she was following him.

She was in a huge cavern.  She could see down below at the bottom of the narrow passageway that  it opened onto some water.  The water did not appear to be clean and was rather dark in spirit, which she knew that when she got there she would once again be swimming the dark waters….  and with that she felt the whirlwind spirit sweep up behind her and just push her so that she kind of went spiraling down the narrow passageway.. and guessed by this appearance she was now going to take 2 steps back and off to the side forward, just as she had saw it in their dream some 10 years ago..

2 steps back and off to the side 03

And with this advent, the Kundalini Serpent, who had been sleeping during the trauma of trying to adjust begins to rise again… It is such an interesting journey, this Kundalini.. In the first moments as she is feeling him awaken and rise within her again she can see that the passageway to her heart could be likened unto a tunnel that many people could walk through… beyond the heart she was not yet opened, but she knew that it was her destiny to have the Kundalini serpent pass through each and every chakra, opening them.. and then, at last, the full array of what she came to do.. to be plugged into the Earth and release the blockages from the Earth so that they could ascend..

Once upon a time.. the Unicorns roamed free.. the Fairies did their dance and the many could see them.. Once upon a time when the animals spoke they sounded human like us..

There is an Indian prophecy that says, “And in the end it will be as it was in the beginning.. and it was beautiful”

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