My Life as a Fairy Tale ~the Fates intervene

As Destiny stood on the edge of her ship staring out into the sky she contemplated how it was that she was going to figure out where to head to first.  She would hold off leaving for a moment, for however long it took til she received instructions of where she was to go to next.  She would lay on her deck by night light and stare at the stars until one of them called her name, and that was the direction she would travel..

As she thought about this a twin mermaid breasted songbird appeared and began to sing, seemingly nonchalantly a lovely song to Destiny about how strong she was in the face of disaster, what a marvel she was  and how she was a true healer.  Then the lovely twin mermaid breasted song bird began sharing a memory with her of the day, beyond distraught over a disaster that had happened Destiny had turned to the birds for an answer to how she could get to the other side of the great pain, depression and hopelessness she was feeling.

It was the 911 happening that had shattered her world and had sent her into a depression that she could not find her way out of.  That morning she had arisen and turned on the TV to see where an airplane had flew into a sky scraper..

As Destiny remembered that day and the moments proceeding when she got into her vehicle to go to work.. the second plane crashing into the second tower..  and people throwing themselves out of the window.. the chaos.. the pain, the numbness, the shock..

and then one of the TwinTowers crumbled and  fell to the ground in the most unbelievable slow motion   Then the second TwinTower crumbled and fell to the ground.

And all of a sudden a knowing came inside of her heart.  All of  a sudden she knew that she was being told that if she left, as she thought was best, that she would be destroying not only herself but she was going to destroy him too, and that she alone would be responsible for the destruction of the sacred Twin Flame journey they were traveling upon.

It was more than that.  If she left it would be the destruction of the whole Kundalini journey.  The fire that had risen inside of her was a story that was greater than herself.  The Great Mother had told her that this Kundalini journey was what she came to this planet to do, assist the Earth in their ascension back into a body that was not so solid.  And Destiny knew that beyond the fact that they both would crumble and fall if she left, she knew that she would not be able to complete her mission if she left.

The Kundalini love was bigger and harder to understand than anything, in her human mind, she knew how to relate to.  It required Love unconditional and he was the only one whose bond was so strongly connected to her that he could seed this unconditional love inside her being.

Her logic did not matter to her.  Even if leaving seemed the logical way to do it, that was not what was important in this Kundalini journey.  There were more chakra’s ahead she still had to pass through to assist the Earth, the Two who walk as One in their ascension back into a body that was not so heavy and solid.  The song bird just showed her that if she left  everything her and her Rainbow Twin Flame had agreed to do in this life was going to slowly crumble and fall into ruin.  And that was a burden that she was not willing to create upon herself or upon him.  She would not be the action that brought the Twin Rainbow Flame journey crumbling to the ground in ruin.

And with this she found herself coming out from the spiral that had just engulfed her

back into the space of the cave..


and through the darkness, as her eyes adjusted, the Great Eagle appeared..

Eagle Signs

Then off in the distance she heard her Mermaid Twin Sister calling her to come and play and realized that her Twin Mermaid Sister has been with her the whole time she has been inside the cave.  Love fills her heart again for her Sister.  This love so great is all a part of the Kundalini dance..  of learning how to walk within these human skins with a love that is unconditional, so strong that it travels through the boundaries and confines of time and space, and through every form of happenings that can happen when tethered to the human skin the bond of love is stronger than any of the moments that take place because of the human emotions.

At times the human love can be flawed, but the Kundalini love is pure and looking to strengthen the love within, a love so pure, is why they incarnated into the human skins.  They had wanted to know a deeper love and had been willing to give themselves tests to make certain that they could pass through each test to reach the other side. And now she knew that she had passed the test and was worthy of the Kundalini love expanding within her heart to include her Twin Mermaid Sister

And with the realization of this, magical beings that they are,  they climb out of the water, their legs reappear and they begin to dance!  They will of course slip back into the water and swim again, but for now….   they danced …..

The Cycles

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  1. Awesome! This dance is a cosmic dance and the true cosmic dancer knows how to let go and move to new levels of dancing, keeping himself in a state of infinite connection, infinite coöperation, infinite movement, infinite balance!

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