Lakota – The Star People ( 2013 ) * A Message For All Of Humanity *

Song is Star People, by Brule’

“Occasionally an event occurs of such   significance that it forever changes the way you perceive life itself.    In November, 1993 such an event occurred for Paul LaRoche.   Paul,   adopted at birth off the Lower Brule Sioux Indian Reservation,   discovered his heritage in 1993 after the death of both adoptive   parents. He was reunited on Thanksgiving day 1993 with a brother,   sister, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.  The discovery of his true   heritage has greatly affected Paul’s life and those around him.  The   influence on his career has been monumental.  Overwhelmed by the   experience, Paul has turned his powerful feelings to humanitarian causes   through music. In 1995, out of recognition for his tribe, Paul   introduced his recording name as Brulé.

It is Paul’s mission to be a cultural role model and use his music to   make the world a better place for all relations upon the earth.  Paul   was selected as a musical ambassador and speaker for the 2000 UN Peace   Conference held in The Hague Center for Peace.  Brules annual coast to   coast tour has included performances at such venues as the Hollywood   premier of Kevin Costners movie Open Range; Indian Summer in Milwaukee;   the Indian Arts Markets in Denver, CO and Arlington,TX; the world   renowned Ordway Theater in St. Paul, various Tribal casinos and many   additional outdoor festivals and events.  Brules tour also includes   powerful full-stage concert productions of ‘We the People’ and ‘Red   Nativity’ the Holiday show.


The rest of the autobiography can be found here:


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