My life as a Fairy Tail ~a Crystal cave

Destiny had been sitting on the floor of the cave with her hand against the wall trying to reach him for so long that she finally fell asleep and dreamed that she was driving down a highway in search of him when her vehicle broke down.  For the longest time she just sat there in the dark thinking the light of day would come soon and she would be able to see again.

Finally, after a long wait, she decided that she had better start walking so she got out of her vehicle and just as she began walking she thought perhaps she should grab some things so she got back into her vehicle, and as she was staring into her purse she fell asleep.

It was the sound of some horns honking that woke her.  They were telling her that she needed to back her vehicle off the side of the road.  With this she discovered that she had woman who came to pick her upkbeen driving on the wrong side of the road, on the left side, and as a man came to push her truck back off the side of the road somewhere inside another dream it was still very dark, and up ahead a woman appeared.  It was as if she had heard her and had come to pick her up and had walked there..  She just suddenly appeared in her view and was lit like car lights were shining on her.

When she asked the woman how far she had come she thought she said 80 miles, but the guy was getting Destiny all situated to start her vehicle again and get over to the right side of the road.  The woman was in the truck with her now and telling her that they were 8 miles from Emporia where she lived.

The woman had an accent, and every time Destiny would ask her a question she would become very confused because she could not understand what the woman was saying, not much anyway, something about meeting her at her house and when Destiny said she didn’t know where the woman lived, the woman said “You’ve been there before.”  Destiny thought she showed her the 537 address, but she didn’t get the name of the street.

By this time they had arrived in the town and Destiny seemed to seemed to find herself taking a detour through an antique store in which she found some rainbow crystals but they were attached to a chandelier.  Further on down the row she found some red crystal candle holders, and it seemed like her children when they were small were now with her in the crystal shop.

Upon exiting the crystal shop she found herself at the door of the woman who picked her up.  Supper was prepared but Destiny headed back to her room.  There were other people appearing in the room as this was going on.  When the woman came in Destiny asked her how she knew to come find her and the woman began showing her the dream she had been having when she had received the picture of when Destiny had gotten out of her vehicle and had thought, “I guess I had better walk the rest of the way.”

Then they were in the living room again where supper was being served.  More and more child with the unusual walkchildren kept appearing and milling around.  There was one child, he had quite and unusual walk.  The children milling around reminded her of her Calcite dreams..

With this a boy comes into the room smiling wide saying that he had won a singing contest and was going to show them his winning song.  They all went into the song room and he and her grandson get out their guitars  and he begins to sing.. and her grandson begins to sing also..

Then her grandson looks up towards the ceiling, sees a walkie talkie looking amplifier and as he is enquiring if someone will get it down Destiny finds that they are back in the Antique Shop and her grandson is asking her to get a walkie talkie down from where it was hanging on the wall..  and Destiny awakens to find herself still sitting on the cave floor with her hand against the wall trying to send a message to him to find out if he is okay?

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