Seeing mine and my Soul Mates Higher Self in a dream

July 22, 2009

I had the most interesting dream the other morning and I wanted to record it…..  it was something about, well the place I was at was busy and bustling over with movement….  ran into this guy and it was like we touched in so many more places then than where we were at..


He kept inviting me to go with him to somewhere in another part of the square so finally I decided to follow him there and he (well the dream was so wet that it reminded me of the wakinyan.


at the same time it reminded me of passing through the long house.. with row after row of bed and each space taking on somewhat a finer appearance until we made it to the center where it was dry and no longer rainy..


After we entered his room a girl came in and him and her seemed perfectly mated.  the space of the bed they took up together was so small it looked like space for one person.  It was as if they lived as One.


About this time I got curious about what else I would see inside this space so I moved around a corner to a corridor..  I saw the guys art was there, pictures he had drawn and painted and as I looked around I saw a picture of…. my ballerina dancer… this filled me with such joy that I began to dance  (the ballerina dancer, her feet never touch the ground and all of her movements imitate nature……..) and while I was dancing I turned that there was another picture that I knew as mine..  It was like I had drawn of my mother from the Whitefeather life….  My heart rejoiced so to see that he was showing me that he was watching me even from above where the Sky People dance.

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